Nickel Plate District Amphitheater Updates

Dark Desert Eagles 6When the vision of the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater (NPD AMP) was born, Mayor Fadness had a goal of creating a vibrant, destination downtown gathering place in the then Town of Fishers. Created as the anchor of the Nickel Plate District, the NPD AMP hosted its first concert in 2012, and since then has truly become the place to be year-round.

The NPD AMP has become home to a variety of concert series, summer farmers’ markets, movies in the park, and other community-wide events, and it has attracted great attention.

About the Project

After months of anticipation, the newly renovated NPD AMP will host its grand opening at Blues Fest this Labor Day weekend. The NPD AMP stage hosted popular music acts for Tuesday and Friday night concerts beginning in July, but finishing touches have been in the works over the past few months. 

The renovated NPD AMP includes a new AMP Pavilion with public meeting space that can accommodate up to 46 people. The glass pavilion features restrooms, tables, and natural lighting. The AMP Pavilion will be available for the public to rent in the future.

The NPD AMP renovations include a variety of aesthetic improvements and structural modifications which enhance attendees’ experiences while at the venue and is inclusive for all residents. Those improvements include:

  • A gradual hill towards the back of the grassy lawn allows for better visibility during concerts and events.
  • Improved connectivity around the AMP through wider, better connected sidewalks.
  • A newly constructed fountain, serving as a community gathering spot, measures 40 feet by 40 feet and features seating and 24 water jets.
  • Relocation of the current restrooms to be located more centrally in the AMP Pavilion. Current restrooms located inside the AMP will be repurposed for storage and to create a green room for performers.

Stage Improvements

Beyond those improvements, the AMP stage was also be modified to accommodate musicians and performances of all types. The new stage is deeper, and an added sound wall enhances aesthetics looking at the stage, while also improving the listening experience that pushes the sound out into the crowd. Additionally, renovations include an elevated lawn with additional drainage, sloping, and pathway to help with storm water drainage. The grassy knoll will include contour elevation for a better viewing experience regardless of seating proximity to stage.

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