About the Nickel Plate District

The Nickel Plate District is the civic, historic, and cultural epicenter of Fishers, Indiana. The Nickel Plate District is where you will find outstanding live entertainment, festivals, and music, great restaurants, a robust network of multi-use trails, as well as civic services and resources.

Nickel Plate District Amphitheater

The Nickel Plate District Amphitheater (NPD AMP) is one of Central Indiana’s premier outdoor music and event venues! Each year, it hosts a variety of events including rock concerts, cultural events, festivals, farmers’ market, and much more. The outdoor venue is open year-round and is capable of holding performances from a simple acoustic set to an orchestral ensemble to a 5,000 person concert.

This summer, The City of Fishers has AMP'ed up the NPD AMP with a new and improved amphitheater. Renovations include both aesthetic and experiential improvements, as well as a new venue for nonprofits and local businesses to conduct offsite meetings in the heart of our community. Learn more about the NPD AMP updates.

Nickel Plate Trail

The Nickel Plate Trail, located near the Nickel Plate Rail Line, honors the history of the area by incorporating a railroad track stamp on the asphalt, making it both a practical and visually appealing addition to downtown Fishers. View the Trails Map for more information on this and other trail routes in Fishers.

Civic Services

The Nickel Plate District is the home of Fishers local government, where you will find the following offices and services:

  • City Court
  • Fire Department
  • Fishers City Hall
  • Hamilton East Public Library
  • Launch Fishers
  • Police Department