Nickel Plate Trail

By the Community, For the Community

In 2018, we asked the community to help us turn the Nickel Plate railway into a whole new kind of public space by sharing their ideas and suggestions for the Fishers portion of the Nickel Plate Trail.

Between an online suggestion box, community events, activities and think tanks, and the incredible effort by our local schools, that simple request resulted in an outpouring of support. We asked people to "be bold, be original and be heard," and they were!

In 2019, the City unveiled the Nickel Plate Trail Master Plan, a long-range master plan for the one-a-kind public space that featured ideas from residents, students, community groups, and more. The plan was created by the Nickel Plate Trail Master Planning Committee comprised of Fishers residents and community leaders, in collaboration with NBBJ and Ex2 Partners. Check out the Master Plan.

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Trail Construction 

In 2020, paving was completed on the portions of the trail between 131st Street and North Street, and South Street to 106th Street. These paved portions are now open for pedestrian and bicycle access. Motorized vehicles are prohibited.

In summer 2021, the City of Fishers completed the Nickel Plate Trail pedestrian tunnel beneath 116th Street, which will provide pedestrians with safe and efficient passage through the116th Street intersection without disrupting traffic flow. The tunnel will reopen with the completion of the Nickel Plate Trail in Spring 2022. Learn more about the project with this interview with Fishers Magazine, and this podcast from Larry in Fishers

Construction in the area related to the downtown development projects will impact the roadway at various times in August and September. The week of August 9, lane restrictions will be in effect on 116th Street for final asphalt surface placement at the Nickel Plate Trail. Fishers Center Drive at 116th Street will close for gas line relocation and tie-in work the weeks of August 9 and September 6. The intersection of Lantern Road and Municipal Drive will be closed the week of August 30 for additional gas line relocation. Detour routes will be publicized ahead of those closures. 

Project Renderings & Construction Photos

In Summer 2021, the pedestrian tunnel was constructed beneath 116th Street. The tunnel will open in Spring 2022.

nickel plate trail
nickel plate trail

Tunnel Entrance

Pedestrians and cyclists on the trail will enter the tunnel from North Street and South Street (South Street entrance shown below). Consistent with NPT Master Plan, the terraced wall to the east (right side of the tunnel approach) is designed to make the trail feel open and inviting as you approach the tunnel. Consistent with NPT Master Plan, the terraced wall is designed to make the trail feel open and inviting as you approach the tunnel. In the rendering, the planned hotel is shown just east of the trail(right side of the rendering).

tunnel entrance

Monumental Stairs

Concrete stairs with a built-in bike ramp below the handrail will allow pedestrians and cyclists to access the trail at 116th Street. The monumental stairs and seating immediately next to the concrete steps will be finished with composite decking and will provide seating overlooking the trail-level plaza, the perfect spot for live music, special events, and community gatherings. access to the trail-level plaza is provided by the trail itself and accessible viewing spots for events are provided at the top of the monumental stairs. We’ve also added lighting and charging stations so guests can plug in their phones and laptops. Construction of the monumental stairs and plaza will be complete in Fall 2021.

rendering- monumental stairs
rendering- plaza
Monumental Stairs

Pedestrian Bridge

A pedestrian bridge above the tunnel exit on the north side of 116th Street will connect the existing train platform to the new Nickel Plate Station plaza, which is currently under construction behind the former Nickel Plate Bar & Grill restaurant. In this area, the sidewalk on the north side of 116th Street has been and will continue to be narrow due to the proximity of the restaurant. In addition to offering plaza space for gatherings and community events, the bridge will provide an important east-west connection through the Nickle Plate District off 116th Street. To the east (right side of picture) in both renderings, the new Nickel Plate Station project is shown. Nearly two years in advance, the City and the developer coordinated efforts to utilize the west foundation wall of that project as the east retaining wall for the trail in this area. The renderings also show large porch-like swings under the train platform, which are planned for future phases of improvements in this section of the trail.

rendering- pedestrian bridge2
rendering- pedestrian bridge

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