Play Fishers Bucket List

Check In to Win!bucket list

We’ve compiled a bucket list of the top ways to have fun in Fishers, and we’re challenging you to complete them all!! 

Like a digital scavenger hunt, you can check in via geolocation or submit a photo on the Play Fishers app at different experiences #AroundFishers to win awesome prizes and swag. Level up by checking in on the app and win awesome prizes as you cross more experiences off your list.

Bucket List Levels

  • 10 check ins - Fishers Parks Bag
  • 40 check ins - Fishers Parks Water Bottle
  • 50 check ins - Entered to win a Fishers Parks prize pack (5 winners will be drawn)

How to Play

Step 1

To get started, simply download the free Play Fishers app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and enable push notifications for event updates and exclusive fun.

apple-app-store-icon Opens in new window

standard-icon-googleplay-app-store Opens in new window

Step 2

Find all of the experiences listed in Bucket List section of the app. With dozens of activities to choose from, there’s something for everyone! 

new bucket listOnce you’re at the experience, open the Bucket List area of the app and hit the “check in” button at the top left corner of the listing. Your Bucket List will be digitally stamped and you’ll be on your way to be entered to win awesome prizes! Make sure to have your location settings enabled on your mobile device so that you can check in.

*By submitting your photos in the app, you agree to let Fishers Parks use your photo in future marketing.

 Step 3

Want to win more prizes? Check in at 9 more experiences on the Bucket List to win another prize. Once you cross 10 items off your list, you’ll be directed to complete a form with your information. This form is your ticket to your Bucket List prize.

Step 4

Once you complete the form, we will mail you your prize. 

Step 5

Continue to your #PlayFishers adventure! You’ll be able to level up and win prizes as you cross more experiences off your list. You will be directed to complete the next level’s form each time you achieve a new level. You must submit these forms to receive your prize.