Fields & Wildflowers

sweet corn

Sweet Corn & Field Corn

More than 6 acres of the 33-acre AgriPark are used to grow field corn and sweet corn. 

The field corn area will, in the fall season, be used for a corn maze.

The sweet corn grown on the farm is grown and harvested to give back to the community.

Sunflower Field

The AgriPark’s 2-acre sunflower field is a great opportunity for both programming and visitor experience. The field will be open for park guests in late summer to use as a photo backdrop and to take home cut flowers. Fishers Parks staff also will use sunflowers to offer craft opportunities.

AgriPark wildflowers

Wildflower Field

A variety of perennial wildflowers were planted 1-acre space on the farm. The flowers are available to observe, enjoy, and for photos, but there is no picking at this time. Please allow our flowers to grow and mature.

Pumpkin Patch

Our pumpkins are planted each year in June. Beginning in the fall, a variety of pumpkins and gourds will be available for picking in the pumpkin patch.

pumpkins and gourds