Fishers AgriPark

Our Vision

During his 2018 State of the City address, Mayor Scott Fadness announced a first-of-its-kind development: Fishers AgriPark.  The vision for the Fishers AgriPark is to educate, innovate and inspire. Visitors of all ages will have a chance to be immersed in a working farm, learn about innovations happening and those needed to feed our world, and walk away inspired to become part of America’s agriculture story.

About Fishers AgriPark

The Fishers AgriPark is anticipated to be one of the nation’s largest urban farms and pays homage to Fishers’ agricultural roots, while inspiring future generations of farmers, scientists, agronomists, robotics engineers, chefs and more. The 33-acre park will open in Spring 2020 to the public and will include an urban farm growing vegetables and melons.

Fishers AgriPark

In partnership with the City, one-third of the produce grown on the urban farm will be donated to local food shelters. The AgriPark will also include public fields and gardens, managed by Fishers Parks & Recreation, that will be used for programming and educational purposes. 

An animal area will provide visitors a chance to encounter traditional livestock, such as cows, chickens and goats. You never know what you might find on any given day on a farm, and that will be true at the Fishers AgriPark too!

Partnership Opportunities

City staff are preparing for a Spring 2020 opening of the Fishers AgriPark. If you have an idea for the park, or are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, please fill out this form.

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