Information Tabling

info row farmers marketThe Fishers Farmers’ Market welcomes local nonprofit organizations, community groups, businesses, and individuals for informational tabling in a designated area adjacent to the market each Saturday. 

Booth space for informational tables may only be used for information and outreach; no selling or active fundraising is allowed. The Fishers Farmers’ Market takes place on Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon, and the fee is $20 per booth space per market day.

If your organization, group, or business is interested in having an informational table at the market, please complete the online registration form (registration opens in April) by noon on the Friday one week before your first requested date. You may register for multiple dates on the same form. If more than ten organizations/businesses register for a market date, a drawing will be held to determine which groups may participate on that date.

Individuals, groups, and businesses are not permitted to walk around the market distributing literature, gathering signatures, or otherwise actively engaging the public during market hours. Only registered information tabling participants may set up booths or tables in the Info Row area. Anyone not registered for Info Row who wishes to distribute information to the public must do so outside the market site.

The summer 2019 Fishers Farmers Market will run Saturday, May 4 through Saturday, October 26, 2019. Registration is now open for Info Row. 

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Informational Tabling Guidelines

  • Nonprofit organizations, community groups, businesses, and individuals may register for a booth space for informational tabling at the Fishers Farmers’ Market as follows:
  • Informational tabling registration must be submitted via the City of Fishers website by noon on the Friday one week before the requested date (ex. to register for Saturday, June 18 online registration form must be submitted by noon on Friday, June 7).
  • Up to 10 spaces are available each market Saturday. If more than 10 registrations have been received by noon on Friday one week before the Market, staff will conduct a drawing to determine which 10 registered groups may participate on that Saturday. Groups will be notified by the end of the day on Friday, one week before the market day.
  • Informational tabling booths are for information and outreach only. Selling items is not permitted.
  • Representatives of tabling groups may stand in the area immediately in front of their booth space when distributing literature, gathering signatures, or otherwise actively engaging the public. At no time may group members walk through the market engaging in these activities. 
  • No hawking or calling out is allowed.
  • Exhibitors may not actively solicit donations at the Market. A passive donation receptacle is permitted. 
  • In some cases, solicitation for nonprofit membership or sale of tickets for fundraising may be allowed with prior authorization from the Market Manager.
  • Exhibitors may not give away any items for human consumption.
  • If you must cancel one of your information tabling dates, you must contact the Market Manager in advance or you will forfeit any remaining dates and may not be allowed to participate in future seasons.
  • Please see the Sponsor and Exhibitor Guidelines for complete booth set-up information.
  • Booth spaces are approximately 10’ x 10’. Exhibitors are expected to have someone at their booth at all times.
  • Exhibitors must provide all booth equipment, including tent, tables, chairs, etc.  All tents must have appropriate weights. Please see the Tent Weight Requirements
  • Exhibitors may arrive any time after 6:30 a.m.  Exhibitors should be completely set up and ready for visitors by 7:45 a.m.
  • The Market is a family-friendly event. Exhibitors are expected to act in accordance with appropriate behavior of a family-friendly event. Informational tabling groups that do not comply with Sponsor and Exhibitor Guidelines after a warning from the Market manager will be asked to leave.
  • The City of Fishers Fishers Parks & Recreation Department has the right to refuse tabling privileges at the Fishers Farmers’ Market to any organization for any reason. The Market is crowded and our primary mission is to facilitate connections between farmers and consumers.