Morehouse Pork


Started in Noblesville nearly 50 years ago, Morehouse Pork is a swine farming operation owned and operated by Joan and Gary Morehouse.


County fair burger (whole hog sausage with bacon in it)

INTERVIEW: Gary Morehouse, owners

How long have you been in business?
"46 years."

Why did you start your business?
"I've always enjoyed working in this business and have been doing it since high school." 

What is an interesting fact about your business?
"Being located in Hamilton County, we are just 10 minutes from Downtown Fishers."

What is your favorite part of the market?
"I enjoy the people, and educating the people about local producers and animal husbandry (how the animals are treated)." 

What else do you want customers to know about your business?
"We are producing pork for our families, neighbors, and the public."