Disability Awareness Month

disability awareness month

During the 2021 March Disability Awareness Month, the City of Fishers and Fishers Advisory Committee on Disability celebrate our achievements in building an inclusive community, including expanded employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through partnerships with local businesses; the creation of groups such as the Aktion Club and Thrive Social Club; the addition of affordable and accessible housing within our community, and more. We have not only strived for inclusion, but we have also fulfilled many of the needs identified by our community. We have laid the foundation by building an inclusive community in collaboration with City leaders, businesses, educators, disability professionals, and families.

Join us as we continue to build on our foundation for a more inclusive community as we recognize Disability Awareness Month this March across Fishers. Join us as we continue to build a place where individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities can live and thrive with no limits.

Follow along on social media using #FishersDisabilityAwareness throughout the month for more info. See the 2021 March Disability Awareness Month Proclamation. Learn more about all City and community Disability Awareness Month initiatives here.

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