SmartPass Next Steps

You're almost there! You've completed your registration for the Fishers SmartPass. Now, you must complete the second step to access the digital pass used to access the entry gate at Geist Waterfront Park.

These steps must be completed before you arrive at Geist Waterfront Park:

1. Click the icon below to access the OpenPath app for your smartphone device. This will take you to your mobile app store where you can download the OpenPath Mobile Access app.

Apple App Store

App Store Icons

Google Play Store

App Store Icons (1)

2. Once the app is downloaded on your smartphone, log into OpenPath using the email address and password you created during your account setup. 

NOTEIt may take up to 15 minutes for your account to be recognized by OpenPath. You will receive an error message in the OpenPath app when you sign in if 15 minutes have not lapsed. 

3. Follow the directions for Mobile App Setup, Click "Tap Here to Open"

App Center

4. Follow the prompts to allow permissions for the Fishers SmartPass to function.

  • "Ok" for Bluetooth access. Bluetooth is required in order for you to access the Geist Waterfront Park.
  • "Allow While Using App" for Location permissions
  • The following are optional permissions: "Always allow" location permission, Notifications, and Motion & Fitness. 
    • By opting into these permissions, "Always Allow" allows users to simply use waive motion to open the gate access at Geist Waterfront Park instead of requiring the user to open the OpenPath Mobile Access app at the time of entry.
    • Notifications will be used on occasion by the Fishers Parks team to update you with pertinent information. 
    • Motion & Fitness can be used for Apple Smartwatch access.

Once you've completed these steps, you are ready to visit Geist Waterfront Park! When accessing the park through the entry gate, you must be within a few inches of the sensor.