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2021 Summer Fishers Farmers Market Application

  1. Apply to be a Vendor at the Summer Fishers Farmers Market!

    The Fishers Farmers Market welcomes your application to be a vendor at the 2021 summer market! Our mission is to provide a venue where local farmers, producers, and food-inspired businesses come together to offer a variety of fresh local produce, plants, and locally crafted food and food-inspired products directly to the Fishers community.

    -Only Indiana-grown or produced agricultural products may be sold at the Fishers Farmers Market.
    -Vendors must reside in Indiana.
    -Booth spaces are 10ft x 10ft.
    -Arts/crafts, services, merchandise, dietary supplements, vitamins, are not allowed.
    -All vendors, even returning vendors who have participated in the Fishers Farmers Market in past years, must complete an application and be approved to sell at the market.
    -Application deadline is February 19, 2021.
    -Prospective vendors are expected to review and be familiar with all Fishers Farmers Market rules and regulations as described in the Vendor Handbook prior to completing this application.

  2. Questions?

    If you have any questions or need assistance with this application, please contact Market Coordinator Jackie Leeuw at or at 317-430-7509.

  3. Contact Information

  4. Social Media

    Please list your social media pages for the following platforms:

  5. Do you give the City of Fishers permission to release your contact information to customers interested in contacting you for business information and/or special orders? *

  6. Have you previously participated as a vendor in a farmers' market? *

  7. Product Information

  8. Please check the category that represents the majority of the products you propose to sell at the Fishers Farmers Market:*

  9. Please select the food products or garden/vegetable plants that you plan on selling at the market*

  10. Farm Products

  11. Prepared Food Products*

  12. Items sold at the market must be Indiana grown, raised, or made food products or garden/vegetable plants.

  13. Items sold at the market must be Indiana grown, raised, or made food products or garden/vegetable plants.

  14. Market Participation

  15. Once you have been selected as a vendor, you will receive confirmation for the dates you are approved and a request for payment of the booth fee.

    Every effort will be made to accommodate each individual vendor’s requested schedule but requested schedule is not guaranteed until confirmed by the Market Coordinator. Payment is due when the vendor is approved (please do not send payment with application).

  16. Please select your participation for the 2021 summer market:*

  17. Please select availability as a half-time vendor:*

  18. Please select your availability as a once-per-month vendor:*

  19. Does your booth require electricity? *

  20. Insurance Requirement

    Upon approval of application, all vendors must supply the City of Fishers, Parks and Recreation Department with a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1 million general liability insurance, including product liability insurance. The City of Fishers must be listed as an additional insured. Certificates of insurance must be emailed to or mailed to the City of Fishers, Parks and Recreation, 11565 Brooks School Road, Fishers, Indiana 46037 prior to the vendor’s first market date.

  21. Vendor Selection Criteria

  22. The Fishers Farmers Market is fortunate to have returning vendors who come year after year. Consideration will be given to those vendors with seniority. Highest priority will be given to farmers, growers, and producers.

    Additionally, the Fishers Farmers Market strives to be an incubator for local food entrepreneurs to create and launch new businesses. It is not our intent to penalize concessions and/or prepared food vendors for being successful, but our goal is to provide opportunities and support for emerging food producers rather than larger, well-established businesses. The reality is that some food businesses are simply too big for the farmers market. We generally do not approve vendors with more than one brick-and-mortar (retail) location and prefer to provide market space to vendors who do not have retail stores.

    Other vendor selection criteria include:

    1. History with the Fishers Farmers Market including but not limited to: adherence to market rules and regulations; number of years participated in the market; weekly market attendance/tardiness record; and payment of fees.
    2. History of Health Department violations.
    3. Enhancement of overall product mix at the market without creating excessive supply of any one product as determined by the Market Coordinator and selection committee.
    4. Quality of products for sale by vendor as well as attractiveness and presentation of products/displays at vendor’s booth.
    5. For prepared foods, we prefer vendors who prepare their products in a commercial kitchen over home-based vendors, to better ensure the health and safety of our customers.

  23. Applicant Signature

    The Fishers Farmers Market reserves the right to schedule vendors according to the demand for their product/number of vendors selling the same product/number of spaces available; selecting from the vendor’s chosen dates as required.

    All vendors must be approved before they are admitted to sell at the Fishers Farmers Market. Vendors are not selected on a first come, first served basis. Vendor selection criteria are designed to keep the market fresh, interesting for visitors, and profitable for vendors.

    The Fishers Farmers Market does not offer exclusivity for any vendor, company, brand, or products sold, except for the City of Fishers.

    By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the provisions set forth in the Fishers Farmers Market Vendor Handbook. I understand that acceptance to the market as a vendor and continued market attendance is based on my compliance with the market policies and regulations.

  24. For more information, please contact Market Coordinator Jackie Leeuw at or 317-430-7509.

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