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Neighborhood Cleanup Kit Application

  1. Interested in a Neighborhood Cleanup Kit?

    Fishers neighborhoods are invited to beautify their common spaces and facades through the Neighborhood Cleanup Kit program, which includes a small supply of gloves, garbage bags, and the use of a 20-yard dumpster.

    Home Owner Association representatives can complete the below application year-round. Supplies are limited.

    Selected neighborhoods will work with Fishers Parks & Recreation and Fishers Department of Public Works to finalize logistics and arrange delivery of the dumpster. Groups are encouraged to share their photos to show the impact the program has on beautifying their neighborhood.

  2. Please indicate your role with the neighborhood Home Owners Association (HOA) / Property Owners Association (POA)
  3. When was the neighborhood built or when did construction start?
  4. Has your neighborhood hosted a clean-up event before?
  5. Has your neighborhood hosted any other community events?*
  6. Please list the address and location for dumpster placement.
  7. Pictures & Documentation*
    Do you have the ability to take pictures/document the event?
  8. By completing an application, the HOA/POA signifies its responsibility for the activity and use of a 20 yard dumpster. It will be the responsibility of the HOA/POA to ensure that the dumpster is used properly. The dumpster will be picked up early in the week following the event.
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